Volcano Circuit

Dr Lin Sutherland in his publication "The Volcanic Earth" maintains the volcanic area in his map below is dormant rather than extinct!

Crater Lakes, Cinder Cones, plugs and waterfalls all owe their presence to past volcanic activity.

The most recent activity was between 10,000 and 20,000 years ago - well within living memory - aboriginal legends incorporate fire and heat from a shaking ground.

Mt Hypipamee crater is a diatreme formed by an explosive eruption of volcanic gases which blasted through solid granite. Angular blocks of granite as large as refrigerators can be found in the surrounding rainforest, giving testimony to the power of the explosion that hurled them there.

Lake Eacham and Lake Barrine are maars - these are volcanic craters formed by massive explosions from super heating of groundwater. The vents now form catchments of the lakes. No streams flow into or out of the lake, with water only lost through seepage and evaporation. The water level fluctuates only four metres between wet and dry seasons.

Seven Sisters - 8 aligned scoria cones without craters


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